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Hands-free Emergency Handle Leash

Hands-free Emergency Handle Leash

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Leash Size
The Hands-free Emergency Handle Leash frees your hands when walking your pet. Free hands mean you can juggle more things than holding your leash, making you feel less overwhelmed. This emergency handle is perfect for larger pets who like to tug and allows you to keep your pet closer to you.


High premium quality nylon ribbon.

Sturdy plastic buckle.

A color-matching metal D ring.

OPC iconic metal red dot accent.

Metal hook with a securable screw.


Hands-free body belt:

1 in. W x 30.3-53in. L

Leash with emergency handle:

Medium/large pets: 1 in. W x 47.75-75in L ( 4- 6.25 ft)

Care Instructions

Handwash and hang dry.

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