Welcome to Omni Pet Club™

Whether you are a meowmy, cat daddy, pawpaw, pawrent or a pet lover in general, OPC is the shop for you and your beloved fur or furless baby. We believe that all pets are made equal, so we ensure our products will not make any pets or pawrents feel left behind.

What makes us different?

Our designs focus on essentials for both pets and pawrents. Unlike other brands, we don't single out dogs, cats and other pets with our product. We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Improving essential features

    Rather than pushing out any ordinary pet and pawrent product, we go through rounds of research, design and testing before going to market.

  • Modern designs

    Say goodbye to cheesy pet designs and hello to trendy casual wear. Our timeless pieces are carefully put together for a wide range of ages and gender.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    We always have every type of pet, pawrent, and pet lover in mind. So yes, we currently have limited designs, but we promise to grow the pet club with your support!

Rae Chen (left) and Penny Love (right)

Meet the creators

2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 entrepreneurs.

Penny Love and Rae Chen met at the University of Southern California (USC) during their Design@USC graduate program and immediately bonded over their passion for pets. Both are avid pet owners and are always looking for the best solutions for their fur babies. As pawrents, Penny and Rae struggled to find pet and pawrent products to solve their pawrenting needs. They both faced similar struggles, such as managing two or more pets or even losing their beloved family members too soon or unexpectedly. For Rae, many products she's looking to buy for her cats are usually made for dogs only. Hence, Omni Pet Club was created to bring awareness and bridge the gaps between cats, dogs, and, hopefully, other types of pets in the future. Additionally, OPC strives to be a top lifestyle brand in the pet industry. Join us in creating a better lifestyle for ALL pets and pawrents.

Photo: Rae Chen (left); Penny Love (right)