How to plan a road trip with your pet

How to plan a road trip with your pet

Finally…It’s spring time! I bet right now there are many people planning fun trips and awesome outdoor events; especially with Memorial Day weekend coming up. It’s always nice to go on a mini road-trip to explore new places. Now, some families are probably hesitant to take their pet with them on car rides. There are lots of pets that love to travel and explore the world with you; however, it may be stressful and worrisome for both you and your pet if you don’t plan ahead. Being prepared is the key to have a fun and enjoyable car ride with your pet!

Here are tips to have a fun and safe car ride for you and your furryfriends:

  1. Prepare your pet: Make sure your pet is comfortable with car rides by taking them on a short trips before trying a long trip. This will help them get use to the feeling of being inside of a moving vehicle.

  2. It is dangerous for your pet to wander around inside your vehicle: Please use a pet carrier or restraint: It is important to keep your pet secure while you drive. A pet carrier or restraint can help prevent them from roaming around in the car, hurting themselves, or even causing a distraction to the driver. I love using the OPC seatbelt for my cats. The seatbelt gives them some freedom in the car, and at the same time, it also secures them to the back seat so I don’t need to worry about my cat getting into weird places or jumping out the window when I roll my window down.

  3. Don’t feed them inside your moving vehicle: Please try your best not to feed them before the car ride as well. You can feed your pet a light meal 3-4 hours before your trip. This helps to prevent your pet from getting car sick.

  4. Don’t ever leave your pet alone in a park car: This is to prevent your pet from getting seriously ill. If any bystanders see a pet trapped inside a park car, they might want to rescue your pet by smashing your car window. It is also a serious safety concern especially at temperatures higher than 70 degrees or lower than 35 degrees.

  5. Pack a travel kit for your pet: Make sure you have water, food, bowl, some toys, and medication if it’s necessary. You should also make sure to have your pet’s important documents like health record and vaccine report in your phone in any emergency occurs. Don’t forget to include cleaning supplies to clean up after your pet, such as poop bags, litter box, or a scoop.

  6. Take frequent break stops on your road trip: Frequent breaks allow your pet to stretch their body and legs, relieve themselves, and get some fresh air.

  7. Lastly, don’t forget to put your pet tag on your pet: While your pet should have a microchip, please also make sure to have a collar with an updated ID tag with your personal information. In case your pet gets lost from traveling, people can still help your pet to find its way back home. Like previous blog mentions, a collar is the simplest safety device for your pet. Why a collar is the simplest safety device – Omni Pet Club ™

After all this preparation, you can have a fun and enjoyable road trip with your furry friend while being safe. Cheers!!
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