Why a collar is the simplest safety device

Why a collar is the simplest safety device

A collar is an essential product for pets! Some pet owners might argue that it’s not necessary because their pet only stays indoors. That’s wrong! A pet collar is the simplest safety device for your pet.

One of the first and most important things a pet owner must do is get a collar and an ID tag. Accidents can happen at any time - a pet might run out of the house when a door isn’t closed or the moment its leash isn’t gripped tightly. With a collar and ID tag, people who find a lost or missing pet can know who to contact to get the pet home. Also, the collar and tag show that the pet belongs to someone and is not a stray. It’s best to have a collar and ID tag on your pet at all times no matter where your pet spends their time. Like smoke alarms, every house has them to protect us in case of a fire; we need to maintain them so that they’re always ready to protect us. A collar is the same thing, but for our pets!

Here are some tips for your pet’s collar:

  • Do a monthly size check of your pet’s collar to ensure the collar fits properly on their neck. For puppies or kittens, check weekly.
  • Size the collar for a comfortable but snug fit around your pet’s neck. If you are a cat owner, the recommended size for a cat is one finger under the collar. If you are a dog owner, the recommended size is two fingers under the collar.
  • Other than the size check, check the collar for signs of wear and tear. If you see any frayed threads, cuts, or other damage on the collar, it’s time for a replacement.


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