The Classic Collection is Omni Pet Club's very first debut of the modular leash system in three different colorways.


As cool and light as the ice in an iced coffee is how we want pets and pawrents to feel when rocking the leash system.


Like drinking a delicious cup of latte, rich and warm is how you and your pets are going to feel when accessorized with the leash set.


Can't go on a midnight stroll without your espresso and the leash system. Feel sleek and at ease when walking in the night.

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  • Collar

    High-quality, stylish, and durable nylon

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  • Emergency handle leash

    Secured handle for stronger pets

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  • Bungee leash

    Shock-absorbing leash for lively pets

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  • Hands-free belt strap

    Allows you to move freely with your pet

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  • Detachable handle

    Traditional way to walk and extra security

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  • Belt cushion

    Enhanced comfort for tugging pets

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Additionally, safety first

OPC's pet seatbelt is a great way to ensure your pet does not get injured during a car ride.

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  • Essential features

    Foam, emergency handles, bungees, and extra paddings go a long way for the safety and comfort of pets and pawrents.

  • Multi-pet, tangle-free

    Attach 1 or 2 pets on to you and don't worry about them tangling up.

  • Modular pieces

    Walk with ease or with more security—connect the pieces however you like!