The importance of leashing your pet

The importance of leashing your pet

If it were up to me, I would let my cats roam freely and explore our neighborhood. Some might think, “You own a cat, not a dog; if you had a well-trained dog, you wouldn't need a leash.” The truth is, once a pet goes outdoors, there is a loss of control due to the surroundings. We encounter traffic, people, or people walking pets, and no matter how well we train our pup, cat, or any other pet, there will always be a chance that we will run into an unpredictable and dangerous situation.

Pets are naturally curious and want to explore the world as much as possible. In this context, restricting your pet’s freedom could be seen as cruel, but it has more benefits than harm. The leash gives you the control to ensure your pet doesn’t get hit by a car or suddenly run off and becomes a lost pet. If your pet is on a leash, you can protect it from eating toxic plants or anything else unsafe so they are less likely to be exposed to diseases. Unfortunately, not everyone likes pets, and not all pets get along with other pets. Your off-leash pet can potentially disturb wildlife, other pets, and people. Furthermore, you can also help your pet greet other pets properly so they can make new friends. A leash is a safety tool, and training your pet to be comfortable with a leash ensures good behavior and increases the bond between you and your pet. That is why keeping your pet on a leash when you go outside (at home sometimes, too) is so important!

A leashed pet is a safe pet. Be a responsible pet owner and a good neighbor and follow the leash laws in your area.

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