OPC Leash System: how it’s designed

OPC Leash System: how it’s designed

Whether you have one, two or more pets to go on walks, the OPC Leash System got you covered! Through thorough research, testing and multiple design iterations, we considered the most essential elements to create the ultimate leash kit for you. Here’s a breakdown on how we designed our leash system:

Materials: quality nylon and metal

OPC nylon

We chose nylon as the primary material. If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-clean material safe for pets with sensitive skin, nylon is the way to go. There are many levels of quality for nylon collars and leashes, and we use the highest quality nylon out there. For the D-rings and clasps, we use corrosion-free metal. The D-ring is protected and laced with sturdy plastic and the clasp has a built-in lock screw for extra security. We chose a sturdy plastic buckle for the collars and belts for its lightweight and easy use. 

Sizing: for dogs, cats and other pets

Have a puppy, kitten, dog, cat, bunny, pig, parrot, and/or lizard? Our collars and leashes can accommodate them all (hence, the definition of “Omni” )! Our thinnest collar and leash are measured at 0.6 inches and our thickest are measured at 1 inch. All our collars and leashes are adjustable in length (see the chart for the measurements). The sizing we chose is a great middle ground to accommodate all pets as best as possible with one product line.  

Size Chart:

  X-Small (XS) Small (S)
Medium (M)
Large (L)\
7.5 - 9.4 in.
9.75 - 13.25 in
12.5 - 17.5 in.
15.4 - 23 in.

Bungee leash (0.6 in.)

47.75 - 75 in.
Bungee leash (1 in.)
47.75 - 75 in.
Emergency handle leash (1 in.)
47.75 - 75 in.
Hands-free body belt (1 in.)
30.3 - 53 in.
Detatchable handle
11.6 in.


Ease body tension with a shock-resistant leash

As humans, we have physical discomforts and seek tools and treatments to improve our health and wellness, but can you tell if your pet has any physical discomfort when they always look happy? We often don’t think about our pets’ physical well-being until too late, so we designed a leash to help alleviate tension on your pets’ back and shoulders. The OPC bungee leash is a shock absorber and creates a cushion from any sudden moves you or your pet make.

For stronger pets: extra reinforcement and efficiency

built-in emergency handles on leashSometimes your pet can be so strong that the grip from your hands is not enough. That’s why we designed the OPC leash system with three features that help with grip and extra strength:

  1. The emergency handle on the leash offers a way to pull your strong pet closer to you when needed easily. It’s lined with extra fabric for more comfort.

  2. The belt strap allows you to utilize your body weight as additional support for handling your strong pet. You can also attach extra padding to the belt for more comfort.

  3. The detachable foam handle offers a hand-held way to walk your pet and supplement it with the belt by attaching it to the D-ring that is located mid-way on the bungee or emergency handle leash. This way you use your body weight and a comfortable handle to walk your super-strong pet!

multi-pet use for two catsMulti-pet use that is tangle-free

We are proud to say that we are the first leash system that provides both multi-pet and tangle-free use! We carefully designed our belt, handle, and leashes to work together to achieve the 2-in-1 multi-pet and tangle-free function. The multi-pet and tangle-free ability is achieved by positioning the 360-degree swivel hook onto the handle or body belt, which can then hook onto the D-rings on the leashes. No matter how your pets run around any pull, they won't get tangled up!

If you’re looking to buy or replace a new collar and/or leash for your pet, look no further because OPC leash system is all you need to walk your pets freely.

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