Memorial Day pet safety

Memorial Day pet safety

Memorial Day is the day that we honor our country’s military members who died during their service. It’s a day that we thank and honor their service and sacrifice. Most people use this holiday to spend time with their friends and family; it’s also a great excuse to do outdoor activities! No matter what you are planning for your Memorial Day weekend, I bet it’s going to be fun, festive, and exciting for you. Most people choose to celebrate in outdoor places as well! Here are tips to keep your mind in peace at ease when you are considering bringing your pet to join your Memorial Day weekend plans.

Protect your pets from decorations: First, please make sure there are no poisonous plants to your pets. The most common ones are Lilies, Azalea, and Tulip. If you see those plants, please make sure to keep your pet away from those plants. Second, try to use short tablecloth to prevent your pet from using it as a toy. They might be tempted to drag it down from the table and ruin your lunch spread. Third, if you are going to use electric devices, please try to use Bluetooth devices to avoid messy cord situations. However, if electrical cords are unavoidable, make sure to organize your cords and cover them up. That way, your pet won’t discover them easily and use them as chew toys.

Watch out for hot temperature: Even though it’s not summer yet, you will definitely feel the heat while you are enjoying your party! Make sure you apply sunscreen to your body to prevent sunburns, but please skip the spray suntan to prevent getting the sunscreen in your pet’s mouth and on their body. You should also consider putting sunscreen on your pet’s belly, ears, and nose, especially when they are light-colored and short-haired. Make sure to use pet-safe sunscreen on your pet because those are made with ingredients that are safe for cats and dogs. The most important thing is to help your pet stay hydrated; that can prevent them from overheating. If you feel your pets might be overheating, please bring them into an indoor area or shaded place immediately. Try to cool them down with cool water, if the symptoms get worse, please contact your vet right away.

Keep your pet away from your delicious food and drink: BBQ is one of the popular activities during Memorial Day weekend. While we are enjoying our delicious food and alcoholic beverages, please make sure to keep your pets away from them. Some foods might be poisonous to them. Remind your guests not to feed your pets table or plate scraps. Here are some foods that could be dangerous for your pets: raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate, avocado, candies, and alcohol. Enjoy your food and party! You can simply prevent unnecessary illness for your pet as long as you are mindful. Don’t forget to keep your eye on your grill and trash.

Be mindful of loud noises: Noise is one of the biggest hazards for your pets. Animals have more sensitive ears than humans, especially cats and dogs. Loud noises can easily stress pets out. Some pets might hide, others might run away. Either way, loud noise is very bad for them. Before an event with loud noises, you can give your pet some calming treats to help them deal with the celebrations. You can easily find them at your local pet stores, or you can ask your vet for any recommended products. Try to eliminate fireworks in your events; the explosion sounds will scare your pet and it might cause them to bite you or run off. Please keep your pet securely inside or safe environment during a loud event. You can also provide them with familiar smells and their favorite toys to help them deal with these noises.

Be mindful of water activities: If you are having a pool party or you are going to spend your Memorial Day at the lake, river or beach, please make sure you keep your eye on your pet. Don’t leave your pet wandering around the water by itself. We understand some dogs and cats are good swimmers, but don’t assume your pet isn’t going to jump in the water or it can swim well. It’s better to introduce them to water activities gradually, and it’s always a good idea to put on a life jacket on your pet as well. However, if your pets don’t like water, please do not force them. Also, for the pool party people, please stop your pet from drinking pool water, because it contains harsh chemicals that are dangerous for your pets.

Don’t lose your pet: The best way to keep your pet safe is to always know where they are at all times. You are going to have visitors come and go. If your pet is a shy and nervous animal, you may want to provide a safe space for them; that way they can enjoy their weekend safe and sound without giving them anxiety. If you are keeping your pets indoor, please make sure your pet isn’t following anyone when the door is open. If your event is outside, and your pets are going to be outside with you, make sure to keep them leashed. You can reduce the risk of them causing unwanted trouble and accident and also prevent them from escaping. Lastly, remember to ensure your pet’s ID tag and microchip information is up-to-date. These simple things can go a long way in keeping your pets safe.

Now, get out of the house and enjoy some awesome time with your friends and family! With our tips, you can bring your pets to your pawesome events and activities. We wish all of you have an amazing Memorial Day weekend. Cheers!

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