How to use the OPC Leash System

How to use the OPC Leash System

The Omni Pet Club (OPC) Leash System is a revolutionary pet essential designed to make walking for any pet more accessible and comfortable than ever before. The leash system is unlike anything else on the market, and it offers a range of features and benefits that make it a must-have for any pet owner. If you are also unsure what is best to walk your pet, the system allows you to try different and new ways to find the best fit. This blog will discuss how to use the OPC Leash System.

Step 1: Understand the pieces of the OPC Leash System

The first step in using the OPC Leash System is understanding all the pieces. A full kit has four pieces: a collar, a leash, a detachable handle, and a body belt. You can order additional accessories with this set, including extra leashes (because you can attach more than one leash to the handle or body belt), padding for more support, and a seatbelt to secure your pet when being transported in the car.

OPC Leash System Kits

Step 2: Set up the leash system

You must attach the leash to your dog's collar or harness to set it up. The collar and leash are designed to be easily adjustable, so you can ensure it is the perfect length for your pet. Once the leash is attached, you can decide whether to go hand-held with the handle piece or hands-free with the body belt.

See how one of our customers is using the OPC Leash System in this unboxing video on instagram: 

Owner using both body belt and handle on the husky

Step 3: Adjust the length of the leash

The OPC Leash System features two types of leashes to choose from: (1) bungee leash - a shock-absorbing system that is designed to help reduce the impact of sudden movements and jerks or (2) emergency handle leash - an excess loop with a comfortable grip that is located closer to the pet so you can pull your pet closer to you when needed. Both leashes can be adjusted as short as 4 ft. to as long as 6.5 ft.

Step 4: Use the dual support system

The OPC Leash System features a unique dual support system that provides added control and flexibility when walking your pet, especially if they are on the stronger and larger side. The hands-free body will serve as the primary attachment to connect you to your pet, while the secondary handle is located near the middle of the leash on the D-ring. By attaching this second handle, you don't have to lean in far to get

carabiner lock clasp

hold of your pet and the foam on the handle provides extra comfort. This second handle can be used to quickly and easily gain control of your pet if they become overly excited or aggressive.

Step 5: Use the Carabiner locks on the clasps

The leash, handle, body belt, and seatbelt use quality alloy clasps with Carabiner locks. They are the same type of locks that hikers use for added security. The locks will help the clasps last longer and provide extra security for your pet’s safety.

Step 6: Enjoy a Comfortable Walk, even if you have more than 1 pet!

The OPC Leash System lets you enjoy a comfortable and stress-free walk with your pet, even if you have more than one! Now you can walk your pets without them getting tangled up. Not only is the leash designed to distribute weight evenly across your hand or body, reducing the strain and making it easier to control your pet, but our 360-degree hook and leashes are made never to tangle when your pets cross each other when walking. This multi-pet and tangle-free feature will ensure you and your pet is always comfortable and safe.

Overall, the OPC Leash System is an essential kit for pet owners who want to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free walk with their furry friend. By following these simple steps, you can easily set up and use the leash system to its full potential, ensuring you and your pet have a happy and healthy relationship.

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