Indy, a husky mix, strolling on a beach in Orange County, CA

An unexpected rescue

“We found a dog,” my mom texted in our family group chat.

Earlier that day, she and my dad spotted a very slender-looking husky mix wandering their neighborhood. The young dog was collarless and seemed to have spent quite some time on the streets judging from the dirt in his fur and cuts on his hindlegs. He went from house to house until he stopped near my parents' driveway. My dad ran into the house to grab a piece of Costco rotisserie chicken from the fridge and then went back outside, calling out to the dog. Cautious and timid, he took the chicken from my dad’s hand and the rest is history…

Having Indy has changed our lives for the better. He is such a happy and sweet dog whose favorite things are belly rubs and sprinting at the dog beach with his other four-legged friends. Who knew that an unexpected rescue would become one of the most fortunate things to happen for our family.

So many animals are abandoned, neglected, abused, and are in need of loving homes. Rescuing or adopting gives another chance to an otherwise helpless animal. Visit your local shelter, human society, or find an animal rescue organization to see how you can help. Some to check out:

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